Best Buy Teen Tech Center® Programs

Building brighter futures.

Teen Tech Centers provide tech access, training, and mentorship to young people in disinvested communities. We’re on track to reach more than 30,000 teens annually at 100 locations by 2025.

Aspiring teens deserve inspiring mentors.

Mentorship is at the heart of every Best Buy Teen Tech Center® location, providing teens from disinvested communities with the guidance, training and tech access they need to succeed.

Anouk and Ruben

Words are near and dear to Anouk’s heart. As a poet and spoken word artist, she uses them as a tool for social change. In the words of her mentor, Ruben, her poetry has “carried communities.” One of those communities is the Best Buy Teen Tech Center. Every day Anouk inspires her peers to be the best versions of themselves. It’s the same advice Ruben gave her when they first met.

Tèa and Megan

Few people see the world like Tèa. She pulls from her personal experiences to create photography that’s authentic and compassionate. A lover of people, Tèa came to the Best Buy Teen Tech Center searching for community and family. She found that and much more in her mentor, Megan. The two developed a unique bond that’s helped them both grow as people.

Gabe and Doug

Inspired by his mother’s vintage vinyl, Gabe knew he wanted to produce music. At the Best Buy Teen Tech Center, while looking for ways to develop his sound, he found a mentor who believed in him. Sharing a similar background and love of music, Doug guides Gabe to create sounds that speak to his community.

Join the cause.

Donate to Teen Tech Centers to support brighter futures.

Your donation to the Best Buy Foundation will help Teen Tech Centers reach more than 30,000 teens annually from underserved communities at 100 locations by 2025.

How to donate.

You can donate to Teen Tech Centers after checkout with your Best Buy order.

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Dream huge.

Every teen has dreams. We’re working to make sure they also have the opportunity to achieve them.
Travon, age 18

Washington, D.C.
He writes what he sees, then sings what he writes.

Weslyn, age 18

Minneapolis, Minnesota
She aspires to be a lawyer, but her real dream lies in social activism.

Olivia, age 18

Minneapolis, Minnesota
She speaks through her music, knowing her younger sisters are always listening.

Twinky, age 18

Denver, Colorado
One day he picked up a camera, the next he was backstage capturing his dreams.

Karayjus, age 17

Indianapolis, Indiana
He wants to build a community auto garage, but with a few twists.

Karen, age 17

San Antonio, Texas
She dreams of combining her love of art and animals with life on the farm.

Read how teens collaborated with animators to bring their dreams to life.

About Teen Tech Centers.

Our vision.

Demography shouldn’t define destiny. We see a future in which every young person has the technology, training and mentorship needed to achieve their potential and pursue their dreams.

Making this vision a reality.

Best Buy, together with our partners, is building brighter futures for teens from disinvested communities. Through Best Buy Teen Tech Center® and other Best Buy Foundation tech education programs, we’re committed to improving tech equity by giving teens unparalleled access to:

  • Cutting-edge technology, resources and training to make, create and innovate
  • Mentors and peers who inspire new passions and possibilities
  • Technical training and college guidance support that clear paths and open doors

Your purchases at Best Buy help support this vision because a portion of its profits are donated to the Best Buy Foundation to support Best Buy Teen Tech Center® programs.

Increasing our impact.

  • 46 Best Buy Teen Tech Center® locations currently open, with plans to expand to 100 by 2025. See the locations
  • 30,000 teens reached annually by the end of 2025. See our commitment
  • Creating talent pipelines in our communities. Learn how


The funds will create up to 12 new Best Buy Teen Tech Center® locations in the LA area by 2023. 

Vikings players and staff visit a local Best Buy Teen Tech Center® to talk about how technology is used on and off the field.

We spoke with those mentors about their relationships with the teens and the impact of the connections they’re making.

The recent event, an immersive, 3D VR experience, gave local teens hands-on access to technology that they otherwise might not get to experience.

Teen Tech Center programs help teens gain real-world job experience in careers that are in high demand within their own communities.

A portion of every sale goes to Teen Tech Center programs to support tech access, training, and mentorship for teens.

Since 2007, Geek Squad Academy camps and classes have encouraged young minds to get excited about tech and envision themselves in science, technology, engineering and math careers.

We’re seeking out and engaging with diverse suppliers, media, and other emerging BIPOC businesses and entrepreneurs.

Best Buy commits more than $44 million to diversity, inclusion and community efforts.

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Building the equitable digital and physical spaces we all want to live, learn and thrive in.

We’re improving our communities and our environment, and we’re committed to doing even more through initiatives like Best Buy Teen Tech Center® locations.

From recycling and trade-in to eco-friendly tech, we’re working with you to protect our planet.