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    Use That Everyday A.I. in Your Pocket

    Artificial intelligence powers more apps on your mobile devices than you may realize. Here’s how to take advantage of the technology — or turn it off.


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    CreditA grid of 0.5 selfies: Julia Herzig (2); Hannah Kaplon (2); Rebecca Worth (2); Soul Park (2); Alessandro Uribe-Rheinbolt

    The Rise of the 0.5 Selfie

    These selfies, taken with an ultra-wide-angle lens, aren’t fussed over. Sometimes they are just “distorted and crazy.”


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    CreditGlenn Harvey

    Should You Buy Now, Pay Later? Tread Carefully.

    Afterpay, Apple and other financial tech companies are popularizing installment plans for paying off shopping splurges. These programs can also cause confusion and a loss of control.