Democracy Challenged

Democratic norms are facing a historic test: Many Americans doubt the results of the 2020 election, and extremism, global authoritarianism and disinformation are on the rise. The Times is examining this landscape of challenges through a range of coverage.


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    Jan. 6: The Story So Far

    How a president who couldn’t accept defeat worked with a cabal of loyalists to pursue one strategy after another to subvert democracy and overturn an election.

    By Alan Feuer, Luke Broadwater, Maggie Haberman, Katie Benner and

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      Inside the Apocalyptic Worldview of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

      A New York Times analysis of 1,150 episodes reveals how Tucker Carlson pushes extremist ideas and conspiracy theories into millions of households, five nights a week.

      By Karen Yourish, Weiyi Cai, Larry Buchanan, Aaron Byrd, Barbara Harvey, Blacki Migliozzi, Rumsey Taylor, Josh Williams and

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      What Makes For a Healthy Democracy?

      What concerns and confounds you about the state of American democracy? We want to hear your questions.